Rome - The Italian Capital. TheEternalCity. Where ancient history and movies sets will be the scenery of your wedding. 

Florence - The most important Italian city ofArt. You will be nestled into the culture and the elegance with no age.

Venice - A magical city, out of time. For a unique and amazing wedding among canals and Venetian “Calle”.

Milan - The key word is fashion. Fast, Modern, International for a simple “modish” wedding!!

Amlafi Coast - Colours, lemon trees perfume for a warm and sea-chic wedding.

Sicily - Famous for the magnificent sea, beaches, passionate people, excellent food...enjoy the italian sunniest land.

Italian Countryside - If you are dreaming of an historical “Dimora” in our gorgeous countryside surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.

Lakes - In the quite elegance of our lakes, choose your preferred venue for a relaxed wedding.

Others Destinations - Italyhas so many places to discover. We can  propose you more than you think...have a look!